Leaving Las Vegas

Barbie and I have lived in Las Vegas for 18 or so years and it was time to move onto the next chapter in our lives. We both left our jobs, sold our cars and all of our useless crap and have embarked on an indefinite Round the World (RTW) journey.

I really enjoyed traveling overseas to far out countries (especially Southeast Asia) and I was just not satisfied with the 2-3 week vacations you get per year. I have always dreamed of an extended overseas trip just walking the world with no time constraints and it has finally come to fruition. And to share this with Barbie, my long time girlfriend and best friend was a dream come true. We had a great love story in Vegas for 18 years, so why not create a new chapter with different experiences in another part of the world. Just think that would be real cool.

We both feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity and we are grabbing it with both hands.  We have decided to travel now while we can instead of working away our most productive years for the hope of being able to do it in the future.  Just simply taking advantage of this opportunity when we are young and not old and decrepit.

As we face the odd concoction of anxiety and anticipation we feel about leaving life as we know it in Las Vegas, the following quote has become something of a mantra for me:
“There comes a time when one must risk everything or sit forever with ones dreams.”


I am going to give a shot at this blog thing as a way to document our journey and hopefully this blog will serve as a way to crystallize my thoughts and act as an online diary of some sort.

In addition to writing about my thoughts about our travels, I will add some special posts.

I will periodically include some random musings of things that I have observed during our travels.  This section will be titled, “THRU THE BINOCS” in honor of John Piesen.

As a special feature to this blog, I will include a “LOOSE STOOLS RATING INDEX” on my individual posts. While traveling throughout SE Asia a traveler will encounter serious ongoing bouts with various degrees of diarrhea.  To achieve a solid poo is essentially a miracle and good reason for celebration.  I will rate on a scale of 1-10 the consistency of my poos.

‘1’ = Just leave me alone and let me just plant myself on the toilet all day.

‘5’ = Everything is cool but need to keep a constant eye out for the toilet and never attempt to      release any potential gas as it may get quite messy.

’10 ‘=  Like Ashford & Simpson’s song, ‘Solid as a Rock’. Life is good. Not a care in the world.

Loose Stools

Since Barbie and I are avid beach lovers and our journey through Southeast Asia is very much beach focused, I will also include a “BEACH RATING INDEX”.  I will rate on a scale of 1-10 the quality of the beach.

“1” =  Really crappy beach. Avoid. Hit the pool and just hang in the hammock instead.

“5” =  Good beach. Sure beats sitting in a cubicle at work.

“10” = Holy Shit, Gnarly Beach. Drop everything and get your ass to this beach ASAP to cool out.

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