The First Question Asked To Us


The first question that always seem to be asked:

How are we able to go on this Flashpacking journey and how do you afford indefinite travel?

We have dreamed of open ended travel and a loose life plan for many years and have made it a priority to simplify our lifestyle and plan accordingly along the way many years prior to this trip.

All during our normal everyday lives in Las Vegas, I began to question what exactly we are doing.  Why are we buying things we don’t really need?  Why are we planning how much we will have in retirement in fifteen + years time when we reach our retirement date…..only to allow us to afford the highest specification mobility scooter when we reach whatever retirement age the government has decided its our time to kick back.

What if you kick off before you get to enjoy it all?  What if you do live on but your mental faculties mean you can’t remember how much you’ve got in the bank or your bad knee/hip/heart mean you can’t get up the airline steps onto the plane anymore?  I just could not imagine if we did not do it now and got ill later in life, how I would feel if I missed this chance.  This is not an escape.  We are not running away.   We are just fortunate enough to have this opportunity, and we are going to take it.

I really think we as Americans are brain washed and are locked in this crazy system.
I have found that if you live in a consumer driven society like we do in the US, where everyone wants more and more, it is very difficult to get off this consumer train. The mindset is go to college, get a career, get married, have kids and always looking for more money to buy a house with lots of stuff you do not really need.  We are trained there is never enough security or safety by the media and financial firms trying to get your money for some crap they are peddling to enhance your future security.

So you must keep on working endlessly despite the insanity of it all.  I felt this notion of retiring at 65 is idiotic.  Seems to me we have it all wrong and should be retired from age 25-50.  Then go to work at 50 till 75 when our minds work perfect but our legs do not.

Barbie and I listened to ourselves and made a choice.  We have reached the conclusion that life traveling is better than slaving away to ‘The Man’s’ big plan.

We basically chose what we wanted to do, rather than what we thought we should do, and that in itself feels pretty good.  We will be leaving the safety and security of our home comforts.  We made a decision to get off our working butts and actually get on with this world journey.  We will walk the world and simply see what happens next.  We are excited about having the freedom and all the time to really explore all the hole in the wall noodle shops throughout Asia.

Barbie and I had been given the fortunate opportunity to spend a significant time living on the islands of the Hawaii.  It is a magical place.  It was here I saw the light of alternative ways to live in complete contentedness and figured why not recapture this magical feeling with no time constraints.  I figured it was a good time to stop chasing money and instead start chasing peace and serenity.  May be hard for many to understand this perspective, but one day you too may see this vision.

Is this a midlife crisis?  Nah.  I do know that we purchased one way tickets to Bali and hope to explore all the SE Asian countries and as much of the world as possible. I really have no idea when we will return.





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