Changgu (Bali, Indonesia)

Arrived in Bali after a long but extremely comfortable Cathay Pacific flight via Hong Kong.  We used frequent flier miles (55K one way) to fly Business Class.  The flight from LA to Hong Kong in Business class was first rate.  Barbie and I each got our own cubicle-like seat that lies flat like a bed.  It was so comfortable that the 14 hr. flight just flew on by.  Before we knew it we were in the Business Class Lounge eating dim sum, showering (great showers) and waiting for our connecting flight to Denpasar, Bali.

First stop in Bali was a new up and coming beach town in Southern Bali called Changgu.  Most travelers would normally stay a bit south in either Kuta or Seminyak Beach but we wanted to avoid those beach areas as they are just way to touristy with the majority being a bunch of hard partying Aussie travelers.  Bali is a very popular destination for Australians because of its close proximity.  If you want to party, then Kuta/Seminyak/Legian are the areas to stay.

Changgu is north of the wackiness of Kuta and has a much more relaxed vibe and is full of traveling surfers and bohemians mostly in their 20’s and early 30’s with surfing and cooling out at the beach being the core activities.  I must say the majority of the crowd at these beaches are in great shape, look healthy, are quite good looking and stress free.  Good place to meet girls if you are a single young gun.

The best way to get around to the beaches is with a scooter and just about everyone was riding scooters.  Since we were reluctant to rent scooters upon our initial arrival (for safety reasons), we elected to rent bikes which also proved to be a great, safe way to get around.

We spent the days at Changgu Beach (aka Batu Bolong Beach), Echo Beach (aka Batu Mejan Beach) and Pererenan Beach which is the quietest of the bunch but I already see development.  Each beach really has its own vibe. 10 years ago there was really nothing in this area but ricefields and this piece of paradise is slowly being concreted over by resorts and villas, which is kinda sad.

Overall, I really liked Changgu and was so glad to have made the decision to skip the craziness of the Kuta/Seminyak area.

Changgu Beach – 4  (just ok beach, lots of surfers, $5/hr beach massages, lively beach bar)
Echo/Pererenan Beach –  4  (just ok beach, bohemian vibe. outdoor Warungs lining beach to eat at)

LOOSE STOOLS INDEX – 10  (just arrived so everything is good to go)

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