Philippines Summary

The Philippines is one of those places that everyone dreams about but few people actually visit. This is a real shame.  The country is absolutely stunning and while most people think only of the beaches, which there are plenty to be found, the country also offers a rich diversity both under and above the water with its very colorful culture.  While visitors often travel to this country for the beaches and some of the best diving in the world, it’s hard to escape the warmth and generosity of the people.  The more I have traveled to other countries and the more I have seen, I realized that there is so much more to love about the Philippines than just its beautiful beaches.

I love the Philippines because of the amazingly happy and friendly people.  Everywhere I went, I was made to feel so welcome by the locals.  It was like being part of one big family.  Filipino culture places a strong emphasis on relationships, particularly with family.  The friendly smiles, the natural instinct to help anyone in need, or just the sheer happiness seen in regular everyday situations are just a few of the things which I think sets the Philippines apart.  Filipinos have suffered so much thru natural disasters.  Whatever the situation or hardship is, most of the time you will find them singing, smiling and making the most out of what life has given them.

As foodies, one of our favorite things about the Philippines was feasting on Lechon.  Those of you who have been to the Philippines and have never tried Lechon are truly missing out.  Lechon is a suckling pig, roasted over charcoal.  The meat is so unbelievably juicy and the crackling (the skin) is so crispy…’s awesome! Lechon is best to eat in Cebu.  Even Anthony Bourdain names Cebu lechon the best!

We spent a month in The Philippines and it was like living in paradise.  The sand was so white and the ocean so clear, it is like stepping into a luxury holiday advertisement.  There are so many islands to choose from and in order to cover this country effectively, you will need several months to do so.

The Filipinos are very proud of their country and I do not blame them, as it is so welcoming.  It is definitely one of the most beautiful countries I have been too.  It is simply a friendly and uplifting place to be.

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