Amed (Bali, Indonesia)

On our 3 hr. drive from Munduk to Amed we drove along the north coast of Bali hugging the ocean and passing thru the beach town Lovina.  Amed is a world away from the busy tourist centres in South Bali such as Kuta, Seminyak as well as Ubud.

Amed is really an area made up of a series of small beach hamlets which run along the ocean.  Starting from the north, Jemeluk (where we stayed) and Bunutan being the most popular.  Lipah and Selang a bit less busy.  It is a super relaxed big beach community with guesthouses, resorts, scuba shops and cafes lining the coast from Amed down 1 hr. to another popular beach area called Candidasa.  The Amed area is one of the more laid back areas of Bali to stay.

Another big activity here besides diving and snorkeling is getting up at the crack of ass to hike up Gunung Agung for sunrise.  Because of the need to wake up at an ungodly early morning hour to catch this supposedly incredible sunrise, Barbie proclaimed, “I am more of a sunset person rather than a sunrise person.”  That translates into Barbie likes to sleep in and sleep in, we did.

We took our scooter into the mountains and visited a very cool outdoor Water Temple called Tirta Gangga.  I am not a big temple guy but the big bonus here is that you can swim in one of the temples’ outdoor pools and wash away your past sins…..and hopefully all your bad handicapping practices.  Man, swimming in that pool was so damn refreshing in the stifling Balinese heat.  Even Barbie got in after some persuading, which is quite a feat, as she despises being submerged in any form of cold water.  Since she has an abundance of past sins, I suggested it was a good idea for her to get her butt into the sacred water.  The scooter ride up to the temple thru local villages and ricefields was real scenic and worth the journey in itself just to see the smiling faces and waves from all the locals.

I am happy to report, I have been keeping up with my every other day $8 per hour full body Balinese massages in Amed.  They have a 4 hands massage for $14 and I am contemplating doubling down and going for an 8 hand massage for $28 per hour.  (That is 4 masseuses at once working simultaneously on Big Doug).

Our time is up in Amed and we will catch the fast boat for a 1 hr ride to the Gili Islands in Lombok for some beach time.  Overall, the Amed area black sand beaches are nothing special but it is the relaxed atmosphere of this entire area what makes Amed a real cool place.  If you want an extreme chill environment, then head to Amed.

Restaurants: Sama Sama, Wayan’s Warung, Amed Cafe, Reef Bar, Warung Enak, The Grill, Galanga, Pantai Seafood

Amed area Beaches – 4 (area more geared to scuba divers and snorkeling, coral beaches)



Money Matters in Indonesia-

Barbie does not really have a handle on the money here but is getting better with time.  She just tipped the bellman 2,000 rupiah and thought she was a sport….. little did she know that ‘this sport’ just greased the bellman 6 cents.

Just withdrew 5 million from the ATM.  That makes me king of Amed.

I got a Balinese massage today for 1 hour.  It set me back $8 big bucks.

We ate dinner last night right smack on the ocean.  (2 appetizers, 2 mains, 2 blended ice watermelon drinks and 2 deserts).  Total cost $14.

Rented a scooter for 3 days – $3 per day.  No tipping in Indonesia.  I do not fancy tipping so that puts a smile on my face.

It’s good to be the king in Indonesia!

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