Munduk, Bali, Indonesia

Took a 3 hr. ($30) car service north from Ubud to Munduk.
Munduk is a remote town in the north of Bali with many ricefields and spice plantations.  It is slightly cooler and less humid than other parts of Bali we have visited.  It’s a relaxed scenic place and it has great waterfall hikes.  Just north of Munduk town are Tanah Barak and Melanting waterfalls.  It’s a real scenic hike to get to these waterfalls thru villages and ricefields.

We stayed in Aditya Guesthouse with a local family and it was just a great experience. We ate most of our meals at this guesthouse where the grandmother would cook you a full range of home cooked meals which were delicious.  Man, can she cook her ass off!  The great thing about the food here and all of Bali is that the food is cooked with all naturally and locally grown vegetables with absolutely no preservatives like back home.  I can feel myself shedding weight and getting leaner as a result of eating high quality food with all natural ingredients…. and the strange thing is I think I am eating the same quantity of food, if not more.  Every single thing I have eaten is bursting with flavors.  It is just not the garbage that I would inhale back home.

Every single warung and restaurant serve a full range of ice blended fruit drinks.  We guzzle these fruit drinks all day to cool us off from the heat.  Once again all the fruits are locally grown and bursting with flavor.  The fruit I would buy at home in Vegas is a complete joke as they taste like absolutely nothing…. probably because of all the hormones and nasty fertilizer they grow this fruit with back in the states.

We ate most of our meals at our guesthouse but also had good home cooked meals with fantastic views at Don Biyu and Karang Sari Guesthouse.

Munduk was a good stop.  Whatever little you may have on your mind is wiped out hanging out in this real mellow remote town.  Great place to just watch time and the world go by.

Restaurants: Aditya Homestay, Don Biyu, Karang Sari Guesthouse


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