New Orleans Jazz Fest (New Orleans, LA)

New Orleans?  Hmmmm.
How did our asian butts land here?
Is the journey over?  Naaaaa!

After going online and viewing the artist lineup at this years New Orleans Jazz Festival, I came to the conclusion it would be a great break from our extended journey of constantly being on the move in SE Asia.  It’s going to be my 10th year anniversary and Barbie’s 8th year at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.  In my opinion, this years artist lineup is the best in all those years.  I have never been to New Orleans during the Mardi Gras celebration but I can tell you the city has a tremendous vibe and super festive atmosphere during the week long Jazz Fest event.  It would have been just too difficult to pass up.  So, that is why these Flashpackers have booked our tickets on Cathay Pacific for a brief return back to the states and have hit up the Big Easy.

Some of the 7 day festival main acts include:
Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael McDonald, Elvis Costello, Boz Scaggs, Van Morrison, Ole Snoop Dog.  Of course, the super cool acts in the renowned Gospel Tent where the sole mission is trying to reach out to the Holy Ghost.  I came up a bit short during last years performance by The Archdiocese of New Orleans Gospel Choir.  So, when I saw them on tap again on this years schedule in the Gospel Tent……I was down.

The New Orleans Jazz Fest is the best outdoor music festival I have been to.  It’s a bit of an older crowd in attendance which suits us just fine.  About 10 different stages are set up and spread throughout the infield of the New Orleans Fairgrounds Racetrack.  Each stage has a different genre of music going on simultaneously.  What is really cool, despite the large crowds, everyone simply behaves.  In all my 9 previous years, I have not seen a single altercation among the huge crowds.  Just a collection of like minded, peace loving music lovers hanging out together enjoying the great southern hospitality of New Orleans.

Not only is the music great at this festival, the southern food variety is unreal.  Eating your ass off and listening to great music outdoors at the Fairgrounds … that is a perfect exacta.  The New Orleans Jazz Fest runs seven days over the span of two (2) extended weekends.  In previous years, Barbie and I would normally just attend one of the weekends.  This year we are doing the whole enchilada….all 7 days plus the 3 days sandwiched in between the weekends.  It might be music and food overload but that is something we can easily live with.

Restaurants – Olde N’Awlins Cookery, Cochon Butcher, Deanie’s, Commerce, Oceana Grill, Sylvain, Drago’s, Cafe Du Monde, Domenico, Mulate’s, Jimmy J’s plus a bunch others.

We have departed Southeast Asia after over 7 months of travel in the region.  Consequently, we have left behind all the bowel busting Asian food.  I know this may break your hearts.  Since on the next leg of our RTW journey we will inevitably be eating much less reesky food, the Loose Stools Index has come to an end on this blog going forward……at least until our return to Asia.  I think the only person who will cheer this news is my mom, who loves my blog, but apparently is just not to fond of all the details articulated in my Loose Stools Index.

Last year, when Barbette and I turned off the road and onto this new path, I could feel it happening.  Leaving our jobs and selling our possessions was liberating.  Thinking back to before we left on this journey we both knew this trip would change us.  Spending more than 7 months outside our comfort zone in foreign places must have some kind of impact, we thought.  We were right.  And, while we couldn’t predict the outcome, I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.

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