Ft. Lauderdale (Florida)

Following our time spent overseas, we elected to make a pit stop in Ft. Lauderdale to chill with GaryO and JoyceyO.   We basically listened to my dads old jokes and watched JoyceyO shrug having to listen to these same jokes for over 50+ years.  We also got Greek takeout every single day from our ‘go to’ restaurant, the Greek Island Taverna.  We brought the food to the beach and munched on the best tasting ribs in lemon & Garlic sauce, chicken wings and octopus.  One of my all time favorite activities is eating those ribs and chicken wings, getting the greasy lemon sauce all over my hands and mouth and just jumping into the ocean to clean it all off.  I sometimes remembered to bring dental floss down to the beach when my mind was on top of the game.  We also joined GaryO on his weekly trip to Cracker Barrel.


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